Thoughts & Impressions
 Sometimes just thoughts that come to my mind, sometimes a rough journal.
MAY 2001:

1.  It's very easy to be a good Christian sitting at home alone.  It's easy around good people.
Gets more difficult around aggravating people.  Almost impossible around aggravating people that surprise you.

2.  When you think you're not proud, try driving the most raggedy car you can borrow for two or three days.  Then re-evaluate.

3.  Hmmm - don't sneeze with grits in your mouth.  Don't fumble with car keys over a street drain.

5.  Always this balancing act between thinking on an eternal time frame or on a 70 year time frame.  Maybe even a two day time frame.   Foresight versus existence living.

SEPT 2001

1.  After the last 2 weeks at work, I believe I'm in the Twilight Zone.  Beyond the realm of space and time.  Translation: People never keep their appointments, some just wander out of meetings without saying a word, can't clean up after themselves, etc.  It's rare that a person says something and it actually happens...

2.  I actually believe some people are living in La-La land. They must be like cats and dogs that just go around not thinking, living on instinct.. or maybe these people are so advanced mentally they're formulating poems and concertos in their mind as they in their own little world at the expense of everyone else around them.

3.  What a curse being in a limited mind and body.  To be able to fully understand the nature of the universe, the nature of ourselves, relations\communications between people..seems beyond attainment.  Lord, still 44 and working on not gossiping, on controlling a temper, pride, judging on physical appearance.  More love, more understanding, more patience...

February 2002

1.  Sometimes I think I drink too much coffee.  Get these strange feelings sometimes.  Sometimes driving to work on the autobahn, I feel this sense of unity, like a mass of salmon swimming upstream. Or when the leaves are blowing down the street - feels like I'm going to take off with them.

August 2002

1.  It seems useless to give adults advice. They tend to do want they want anyway.  People keep repeating the same old mistakes, complaining about the results, you tell them a possible solution, they give a hundred reasons why they can't, on and on.  Reckon praying for people is about the only thing left to do..

2.  I'm really proud of my daughter.  She's 15, nice to people, intelligent, doesn't smoke or drink (just sleeps late), and got a lot of common sense.  Thank you Lord.

3.  Success is not how much you own at the end of your life, it's how many you've helped.

February 2004

1.  Been busy for a while. Got married on 28 November 2003 in Denmark. About to move from Germany to Israel starting March.

November 2006

1.  REALLY been busy for a while. Moved to Israel March 2004, stayed there til 13 May 2006. We're changed but still around. Really like married life, except for cats - meow meow. Now in S Korea, which is safer (as long as we don't get nuked). Found that construction and people are basically the same all over the world.